Monday, December 6, 2010

Podnutz Laptop Repair Videos

Although I know how to repair laptops, I watched some of these recently and was surprised at how informative they were. The entire collection is 40 hours of video and worth the purchase price of $54.95.
I would recommend anyone wanting to know more about repairing laptops check it out.

Here is a description.

Want To Learn How to Fix Laptops? Check out these Videos
Laptop repair can be tricky. There are hidden screws all over the place, a certain order you have to pull it apart and sometimes the spare parts are hard to find. Laptops are also prone to damage that a desktop wouldnt normally have such as being dropped or having a damaged DC jack.

Steve Cherubino, who was computer technician until he went full time podcasting has worked on thousands of laptop computers in his shop and would now like to share his laptop repair knowledge with you in the form of high definition, narrated, downloadable videos.

He covers everything you would want to know about repairing laptops such as:

•How to replace a motherboard
•How to replace an LCD Screen
•What to do when the laptop keeps shutting down
•How to fix DC power jacks
•The crucial difference between a bad screen and a bad inverter board
•How to replace hinges
•Where Steve buys all his parts
•The best way to go about taking a laptop apart
•How to solder
•The art of fixing AC adapters
•How to handle a laptop that has had liquid spilled in it
•What to do when a laptop overheats
•How to replace CD/DVD drives, RAM, processors, hard Drives and wireless cards


  1. A bit expensive but i guess it's worth it if you have a great laptop.

  2. Hmm I think one of my friends has a fried laptop lying about, will check this out

  3. 50 bucks, well I guess if you dont have the knowledge....its definately worth it