Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Google Cr-48 ChromeOS Pilot Laptop Giveaway.

I just found this and hopefully some people will see this before it is too late.
I would love to beta test one of these.

Google is sending out free laptops for users to test ChromeOS.  The hardware, codenamed Cr-48, will not be sold by Google. These are for their pilot/beta testing.

They are accepting applications until December 21st 2010, if you wish to sign up the the url is


Specs on the Cr-48 ChromeOS Laptop are as follows:
Atom N455 1.5GHz Single Core CPU
12.1″ matte screen
16GB SanDisk SSD with Hynix RAM Chips
Full Size Keyboard
802.11n WiFi
8 hrs active use battery life
8 days on standby
Free 3g from Verizon (100Mb /mo)


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