Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 Tips for Utilizing Wireless Internet on Mobile Phone

Using wireless internet from a mobile phone to perform business tasks or even play online games has become massively popular. Nearly every new mobile phone offered today has wireless internet capabilities that can be accessed by the touch of a button or two, provided you have a data plan. While the convenience of online access everywhere and anywhere is easy to take for granted, it’s important to maximize your mobile phone’s wireless Internet connection by following these 5 tips:

Wireless Firewall Security

A firewall helps prevent other Internet users from accessing your computer and data through an Internet or local network connection. Firewalls are extremely common in wired connections, but are just as important when using a free wireless hotspot or your own wireless connection from a paid service provider. Mobile systems such as Microsoft Windows Mobile and the Android platform have built-in security measures, but it’s best to also utilize a third party firewall program purpose-made to protect mobile wireless Internet connections. Because hotspots and wireless hubs are exposed to a greater number of connections than simply a standard wired Internet connection, it’s important to keep your data safe with a firewall system that works with your mobile phone.

Online Storage to Keep Your Business Going

Cloud-based online storage systems provide you with the ability to save, access and edit files online from any computer equipped with an online connection and the specific storage system being used. This means that you can work on documents on your mobile phone, save them in a storage program such as Dropbox, Humyo or Mozy and get direct access to the same documents on a shared computer. This is ideal for businesses as it allows many computers access to an online storage space where documents can be created, saved and manipulated. Now you won’t have to keep track of e-mails and their attachments when you and your colleagues can access documents online.

Plan It All Out

One of the benefits of utilizing wireless Internet service on your mobile phone is having instantaneous access to the Internet at many different locations. Technically, this means that you don’t have to plan on where and how you’re going to access the Internet ahead of time. However, it’s important to maximize your wireless Internet access by actually using it to plan ahead. A wireless Internet browser can be used to find your next WiFi hotspot based on specific locations. This way – whether you’re dependent on free hotspots or want to go someplace where ordinary providers offer no coverage – you’ll know the exact location of the nearest WiFi spot.

Alternatively, if your mobile phone Internet provider gives you excellent coverage and you’re in a sharing mood, you can adjust your adapter or network settings to share your Internet connection with nearby folks.

Better to Have Too Many Apps than None

Whether you have a G4 iPhone, a phone using an Android platform, a Blackberry or any other well supported smart phone, there are applications out there designed to offer you the solutions to many different types of problems. Take advantage of your wireless Internet connection from your mobile phone to find the apps you need for your business or personal pleasures. Provider specific app marketplaces can become your haven for time-killing mobile games, eBook readers to enjoy your favorite novels on the go, messaging systems to track of your contacts from multiple services, document programs to create, edit and send various file formats and many other app types. The ability for large and small developers to create apps for highly specific tasks means that you’ll almost always be able to use your mobile phone’s wireless Internet to find an application for your needs.

Tethered Mobile Phone Modem

Using a tethered modem will turn your mobile phone’s wireless capability into a wireless Internet connection for your laptop. A tethered mobile modem is ideal if you don’t have a wireless Internet card or service for your laptop and are desperate for Internet connectivity. Certain providers such as AT&T allow you to create tether connections on their data plans at an added cost. Providers that recognize tethering will have free software programs designed to help you set up a tethered connection. Other platforms may not officially have a tethering option but have 3rd party apps that will help you set up and maintain a connection between your smart phone and your laptop.

Wireless Internet on your mobile phone is a powerful tool and it’s important to utilize it as such. Don’t be afraid to maximize your phone’s data plan and wireless Internet capabilities to create a Internet connection for your laptop, download apps, locate the next WiFi hotspot and access documents from an online storage program on the go; all while staying secure with a mobile wireless firewall program. With these 5 steps, you’ll be ready to turn your mobile phone’s wireless Internet into your vital business partner or personal entertainment system.

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  1. Some pretty useful stuff there! Never really thought of them even though I use my mobile phone for internet quite a lot.